We connect and accelerate business between Mexico and Europe


The Entrepreneurship Coordination of the Red Global MX supports Mexican companies in their incursion or expansion in Europe.

The support is materialized via “Entrepreneurship Cells” operating under the service and business platforms Global Network Europe and Business Network MX which are formed by highly qualified Mexicans, members of the Network, residing in Europe, integrated into the business environment of their countries of residence, and with proven experience in the development of international business. These “Entrepreneurship Cells” work in a homogeneous and coordinated way, with a practical vision that allows effective and quality results.

We also connect European companies with specific demands or business opportunities from Mexico.

What kind of companies do we support?

  • Any Mexican company who wishes to evaluate the potential of exporting their products in the European market.

  • Mexican companies that already export to a European Country and wish to expand to other countries in the continent.

  • Mexican companies operating in a European Country and that require local support to accelerate their results or expand to other countries in Europe.

  • Mexican companies with niche or innovative products.

  • Companies or local governments that want to import products, concepts, technology, interested in knowledge of transfer, etc.

Contact us to arrange a virtual appointment and comment on your business development needs at   export@redglobalmx.eu

Do you represent a European firm?


  • Interested in doing business in MX?
  • Want to find out if there are business opportunities for your technology, concept, product or service in MX? Want to transfer knowledge to MX?
  • Do you have an innovative concept or product?
  • Do you require local qualified personnel to work for your firm in MX or Europe?
  • Need contacts and assistance for the continuity and successful execution of your project in MX? Looking for local partners or investors?
  • Local production?
  • Company setup in MX?
  • Interested in being listed as supplier of innovative concepts? 


The linking process

1. Send your business opportunity or request to the Coordination of Entrepreneurship at entrepreneurship@redglobalmx.eu

2. A meeting is set up with the Coordinator of Entrepreneurship to transmit your offer or request

3. Your offer/request is transferred to all 15 Mexican HUBS via an internal communication system

4. For follow up a virtual or face to face meeting is set up with specific persons within the HUBS with knowledge or network in the sector.

5. Once feedback is obtained, you are informed. If interest was generated or a match is found, an action plan is presented.